Today's Gallery (2024.04.01)

A road divider between New Market and Gausia is crammed with Eid shoppers desperate to go to the other side. While some jump over the fence, others try to sneak through underneath the barricade. Though a footbridge is only a few yards away, they opt to risk life and limb to get their faster. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN
RECIPE FOR DISASTER … A man hangs his wet clothes right next to an active electric transformer at the DIT Market in the capital’s Karwan Bazar yesterday. In case of a transformer malfunction or spark, the clothes could catch fire, which could spread to the gas cylinders nearby and unleash a fully-fledge blaze. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN
A concrete mixer spews thick smoke, casting a shadow over the tranquil, green paddy field in Dumuria, Khulna. Locals say their peaceful and quiet neighbourhood has been ruined by the noisy machinery and unpleasant odour. Photo: Habibur Rahman
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