Ananta-Barsha’s unconditional love

The atmosphere at The Daily Star office brightened as the couple complimented each other's attire for the photo shoot, blending Western and Eastern styles. While Barsha opted for a Pakistani suit in blue and red, Ananta Jalil, the dashing action star, looked striking in a white suit and brown-golden Gucci shirt and grey pants.

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Neel on the reel

You know her as an anchor who has made her mark by hosting cricket shows in particular. Notably, Neel Hurerzahan began her journey in showbiz a decade ago as a radio jockey. Slowly she stepped into the world of acting, and also worked in the popular OTT platform Chorki, as a partnership officer.

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Partho’s cricketing dreams transform into a filmy one

During an exclusive photoshoot and adda with The Daily Star, Partho talked about his acting and directorial journey while also spilling some beans on upcoming projects.

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The ‘bad guy’ emerges as ‘hero’

Recently, he shed his ‘greyish demeanour’ to penetrate into the role of a love-torn groom in Zahid Pritom’s “Buk Poketer Golpo”. The actor shared an interesting story as to how his own phobia was incorporated into the hyper-linked web-film.

Pavel brings globality to your ‘living room’

You might know him as the drummer for Chirkutt, but Pavel has been especially prominent in the music industry as a music producer, dominating the ad film market and lending his talents to films like “Saturday Afternoon”, “Television”, “Doob”, “Piprabidya” and more.

Nawshaba undeterred, Nawshaba undeniable

Nawshaba's journey has not been devoid of challenges. Despite her talent and dedication, she has often found herself being overlooked by the media and industry insiders. “How many times do I have to prove myself?" she mused, highlighting the uphill battle faced by many artistes striving to carve out their niche in the industry. 

When a boy from Azimpur carries Bangladeshi rap

In the world of Bangla rap, few names carry as much weight and influence as Black Zang. His journey, intricately entwined with the rise of Bangla rap culture, is a testament to artistic evolution, cultural amalgamation, and the power of storytelling through music. In the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of hip-hop music, Black Zang stands out as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

The team that made ‘Ashomvob’ possible

Yesterday (November 3), Aruna Biswas’s debut directorial film, "Ashomvob", was released nationwide. In this multi-starrer project, the veteran actress not only directed the film but also played a pivotal role. The cast includes outstanding performances by Sohana Saba, Gazi Nur, and Swagata, amongst many others.

What makes Karnival stand out?

Karnival started as a passion project between friends Tinu, Sabbir, Tonmoy and Sunny in 2006. Together, they made their debut album, “Indraloy.”

The grandest OTT extravaganza hosts its second iteration

The awards will be handed out tonight at a lavish event at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), in the Hall of Fame, from 5 pm onwards.

From ‘girl next door’ to multifaceted star: 10 years of Safa Kabir

The tenacious actor, Safa Kabir who has completed a decade in show business, wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.

From Santiniketan to ‘Shondhatara’

Destiny pushed Sunidhi towards Rabindra Sangeet, and her love for classical music took a back seat. Then “Shondhatara” came along and changed her life—her voice and cracking chemistry with Arnob captivated the audience.

Mahfuz Ahmed’s stunning reincarnation 

The charming Mahfuz Ahmed made a stunning return to the silver screen as the passionate ‘Mona’ in Chayanika Chowdhury’s “Prohelika”.

A fire kindles inside Konal

Somnur Monir Konal, popularly known as Konal, has grabbed the proverbial brass ring after winning Channel i Shera Kontho, and had a career most reality show participants can only dream of. 

Ghaashphoring Choir: A family of harmonies

Ghaashphoring Choir takes on many forms – like a family, they laugh, make music together in enviable symmetry; like an institution, members ‘graduate’ and move on, making space for another starry-eyed newcomer looking to make it in the industry, or perhaps just have a good time.

Tanzika Amin’s remarkable return

Stepping back into the game with grace and poise, Tanzika reflects on her remarkable comeback, shedding light on the industry's challenges and more with Star Showbiz.

A new action hero in town

With a manly look, brilliant dance moves, and amazing acting skills, Ador Azad has caught the audience's attention this Eid with his film, “Local”. His on-screen chemistry with Bubly was a treat to the eyes.

Perennially Pritom

From making us cry with “Bhenge Porona” to making us fall in love with “Morey Jak”- Pritom Hasan’s success spree continues as Coke Studio’s “Deora” reigns supreme in playlists of the youth.  

Urbee flies high

The former Miss World Bangladesh contestant came for a cup of coffee with The Daily Star and revealed all about her love for acting.

The future is bright for Roshan

"The first thing I noticed was that it is a challenge to make good films regularly," the actor shared on his journey into the film industry.

Sabila Nur's all round brilliance

Sabila Nur broke the internet a week ago, because many didn’t believe that a full-time actress could score a CGPA of 3.97, like she did. Through her more than decade-long career, Sabila has actually been silently brilliant for a long time.

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