Avik Anwar 1st in the final rounds of Gulf Pro Car Championship

Avik Anwar from Bangladesh has won first place in both Round 1 and Round 2 of the final instalment of the 2023-2024 Gulf Pro Car Championship. The international racing competition was held in Dubai Autodrome on March 30, 2024, where Avik competed against drivers from UAE, UK, France, Italy, India, and Russia, to win both rounds.

E-licence on smartphone is enough: BRTA

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has authorised the use of electronic driving licences (e-licences) in addition to the physical driving licence card

Xiaomi's first EV to be priced under $70k

Xiaomi's first electric vehicle, the SU7, will be priced under $70,000, according to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, in a recent statement. Jun added that the Xiaomi SU7 aims to be "the best looking, easiest to drive and smartest car" available in the market under the 500,000 yuan ($69,424) price tag.



Shift / The twin cam dreams

Toyota Corolla is a popular name known for guaranteed comfort, fuel economy and an overall hassle-free experience for years of ownership.

Shift / Glanza V: the hot hatch from the late 90s

This particular Glanza V, owned by local car enthusiast Momtahin Hassan Ingit, was restored from the ground up. The sporty design with the side skirts, trunk spoiler and hood scoop makes it as evergreen as it can get.

Shift / Meet the locally modded Toyota Altezza

This Altezza, owned by local car enthusiast Ishan Gausul, is a 1999 model that began its life as an RS200, and in 2017, it was the only dual-tone Altezza in Bangladesh.

Shift / Jeeps in the wilderness

Most people in Bangladesh refer to “Jeep” as SUVs or even Crossovers, what they don’t know is that Jeep is an American automobile manufacturer that introduced SUVs to the world.

Cover Story / Meet the resto-modded Toyota Corolla AE9X

On and on, this resto-modded Toyota Corolla AE9X is a beautiful car. Even though it just misses out on a few rare features, it is still the most loaded AE9X in Bangladesh.

Cover Story / 2023 Honda BR-V: Simple gets the job done

Last week, we had the pleasure to test drive the latest Honda 2023 BR-V. Here are our thoughts.

Shift / Hako-Rolla

Minty and restored examples are hardly around or spotted in broad daylight. In this feature we look at a resto-modded Toyota Corolla KE70.

Shift / A weekend with the GR Yaris

If you’re not already familiar with Toyota’s semi latest concoction, the GR Yaris, a quick Google search will immediately fill you in about its importance in the world of cars.



Lamborghini designer Marcello Gandini dies at 85

Marcello Gandini, the legendary Italian designer known for his work on numerous exotic cars, has died at the age of 85, according to RaiNews, Italy's state-owned news agency.

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Meet the flying car prototype

Alef Aeronautics, a California-based automotive company, has recently unveiled a prototype for what they claim to be 'the world's first true flying car'. The company took a working scale model of this innovative prototype to the recently held Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, capturing the attention of the public and industry enthusiasts alike.

Proton to make cars in Bangladesh by end-2024

Rancon and Proton Holdings have unveiled the Proton X90 hybrid vehicle in the Bangladesh market. In a launching ceremony today, Rancon and Proton also announced their joint plans to begin local manufacturing of Proton cars in Bangladesh by the end of this year.

Toyota announces anime series 'GRIP'

Toyota, the reputed automotive manufacturer, has recently announced that it is launching a new anime series. Called 'GRIP', the five-episode series will feature several popular Toyota cars such as the GR Corolla, the Renaissance Red 2.0 GR Supra, and the GR86 in a futuristic city setting.

What is so special about Royal Enfield bikes?

As per recent news, Ifad Group is expected to begin commercial operation of Royal Enfield bikes in July 2024 for the streets of Bangladesh. However, those not familiar with these vehicles might ask: what is so special about Royal Enfield bikes?

Avik Anwar achieves podium finishes in UAE Gulf Pro Car Round 5

In the recent UAE Gulf Pro Car Round 5, Avik Anwar from Bangladesh secured podium positions in both races, finishing third and second in the first and second races, respectively. According to Anwar, this achievement came despite him facing technical difficulties with his vehicles.

SHIFT / Avik Anwar 3rd in Gulf ProCar Round 2; dedicates win to Palestine

In an emotionally charged Round 2 of the Gulf ProCar Series at Dubai Autodrome Circuit, Avik Anwar, the noted Bangladeshi racer, clinched two remarkable third-place finishes. Avik Anwar dedicated both his podium finishes to the people enduring hardships in Palestine and his late colleague, Ashfaq from Maven Autos. 

Avik Anwar secures double win in Round 1 of Gulf Pro Car Championship

Avik Anwar from Bangladesh has secured first place in both races of Round 1 at the Gulf Pro Car Championship 2023-24. The event was held at the Yas Marina F1 track in Abu Dhabi, UAE.



BYD launches electric cars in Bangladesh; opens showroom

BYD, the multinational tech company, officially opened its showroom in Bangladesh on March 2, 2024. According to a press release, CG Runner Bangladesh Ltd. has taken the initiative to introduce BYD in the country.

BMW i7 launched in Bangladesh

Executive Motors Limited has recently launched the BMW i7 eDrive 50 in Bangladesh. The EV, the latest addition to BMW's i-series, will be locally available at a starting price of BDT 3 crore.

Uber launches subscription package for moto drivers in Bangladesh

Uber, the popular ridesharing app, has recently announced a subscription package option for Uber Moto drivers, which will include being able to choose from a range of plans that suit their needs. As per Uber, this method is being introduced to change how Uber Moto drivers are compensated to improve reliability for riders and reduce trips taken off the platform.

MG5 launches in Bangladesh

MG 5, a next-generation sports sedan, has been officially released in Bangladesh by RANCON British Motors Limited. As per RANCON, two variants of MG 5 will be made available in Bangladesh: turbo and non-turbo, priced at BDT 39 lakh and BDT 36 lakh respectively.

Avik Anwar conquers Malaysia Championship Series Round 4

Avik Anwar, the racing sensation from Bangladesh, has created history at the Malaysia Championship Series Round 4 by winning the 300-kilometer, 3-hour race entirely on his own. Out of 58 competitors, Avik emerged as the victor, becoming the first and only Bangladeshi to achieve this feat and the sole Bangladeshi to win on international soil in motorsports to date.

Mercedes-Benz buses now available in Bangladesh

Rancon Trucks and Buses Limited has recently launched the chassis for the Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 bus in Bangladesh. The chassis comes in two variants and is powered by Mercedes-Benz's OM 906 engine, which produces 6393 cc and 810 Nm @ 1600 RPM.

Country’s first electric vehicle manufacturing plant underway in Chattogram

Bangladesh is propelling itself into the future of sustainable transportation with a colossal investment in electric vehicle manufacturing. According to reports, Bangladesh Auto Industries Limited is investing Tk 1440 crore to build the country's first electric car factory. Located in Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar Economic Zone in Mirsarai, Chattogram, the plant is set to roll out its first cars by March next year.

Caltex Lubricants partners with Bangladesh’s motorsports legend Avik Anwar

Bangladesh’s ace motorsports legend Avik Anwar recently struck a brand partnership deal with Rock Energy Limited, the exclusive distributor of Caltex & Chevron Lubricants in the country.



Chinese company launches commercial flying taxis

EHang, a Chinese drone manufacturer, has introduced its EH216-S model flying taxi for commercial sale on Taobao, an online shopping platform owned by Alibaba. Priced at 2.39 million yuan ($332,060), the EH216-S is being advertised as "an innovative solution for urban transportation".

Toyota recalls 50k US vehicles over potential airbag explosion

Toyota Motor has recently released a public statement in which it urged owners of 50,000 older US vehicles to stop driving and get immediate recall repairs. As per the statement, this is due to an issue with the airbag inflator, which Toyota says could explode and potentially kill the driver.

Toyota becomes highest-selling automaker 4 years in a row

Toyota, for the fourth consecutive year, has become the highest-selling automaker in the world. According to a recent press release by the company, Toyota Motor has sold a record of 11.2 million vehicles in 2023.

Tesla releases 'upgraded' Model 3 in North America

Tesla, the American automotive company, has recently launched a new version of its Model 3 sedan, which is being called an 'upgraded' Model 3. The new Model 3 is now available in North America at an unchanged price, as per Tesla's official website.

Uber launches air balloon service in Turkey

Uber, the international ride-sharing platform, has recently launched an air balloon ride service in Cappadocia, Turkey. As per Uber, the new service will be available in Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Göreme National Park, with riders being able to book balloon trips in advance using the Uber app.

BMW shifts focus to 'Neue Klasse' to compete with Tesla

BMW is revisiting its historical innovation, the "Neue Klasse," this time as an all-electric offering.

Meet Cruise, the self-driving ride-sharing service

Cruise, a California-based automobile company, has released a unique 'self-driving' ride-sharing service to passengers in San Francisco and some parts of Austin and Phoenix, US. These driverless, fully electric cars do not require the input of a human driver and have recently received permission to operate 24/7 across the city, barring freeways.



Apple stops electric car project: report

Apple has stopped work on 'Project Titan', the tech giant's electric car project, according to a source familiar with the matter. The decision comes a decade after the reputed tech company begun the project, despite no official announcement being made thus far.

Singer Bangladesh’s profit rises 615%

The company sold Tk 1,700 crore goods in 2023, declared 35% cash dividend

Apple's electric car to be released in 2028: report

Apple Inc.'s electric car initiative, known as 'Project Titan', has recently shifted to a 2028 release date from the original release date of 2025, according to Mark Gruman, a renowned Apple analyst. 

Electric vehicles are reducing global oil consumption: reports

Increasing electric vehicle sales in recent years have prompted forecasters to revise their estimates for the global peak in oil consumption. Public subsidies and advancements in technology are aiding consumers in overcoming the occasionally high upfront costs associated with battery-powered cars, as noted by industry experts.

Tesla cars worth US$26k to be made in Germany: reports

Tesla cars worth 25,000 euros (about $26,838) are planned to be built at a factory in Berlin, Germany, as per a source close to the international EV maker Tesla. According to autos research firm JATO Dynamics, the average retail price of an EV in Europe in the first half of 2023 was over 65,000 euros, compared to just over 31,000 euros in China.

Solid-state batteries: the future of the EV industry?

Central to the recent rise of EVs is an ongoing competition between two battery technologies: solid-state batteries, which promise enhanced performance and safety, and traditional lithium-ion batteries, which have served as the workhorse of the EV industry.

India launches its first indigenous electric tractor, CSIR PRIMA ET11

India has recently launched the country's first indigenous fully-electric tractor, named CSIR-PRIMA ET11. The tractor was developed by India's state-owned Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Central Mechanical Research Engineering Institute (CSIR-CMERI).

India unveils BS-6 Stage-II 'electrified flex-fuel vehicle' prototype

India has recently unveiled a prototype of the BS-6 (Stage-II) electrified flex-fuel vehicle, which is said to run on 100% ethanol. The vehicle, a made-in-India Toyota Innova Hycross, is developed by Toyota Kirloskar Motor, and contains both a fuel flexible engine and an electric powertrain.

Vehicle insurance to be made mandatory

The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has today approved the draft Road Transport Amendment Act, 2024, reinstating mandatory insurance for all types of vehicles operating on the roads, including motorcycles, private cars, buses, and trucks. The decision revises the Road Transport Act of 2018, which had made vehicle insurance optional.

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Xiaomi launches its first electric car, the SU7

Xiaomi has unveiled its inaugural electric car, the SU7, marking a significant expansion into the automotive sector. The company's Chief Executive, Lei Jun, revealed the vehicle on Thursday, setting forth Xiaomi's vision to rank among the top five global automakers within the next two decades.

SUST students develop wireless charging electric vehicle

Students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) have recently developed a prototype of a light-duty electric vehicle that is capable of being charged wirelessly.

The Xiaomi car is real, and BAIC is making it

Xiaomi is making a bold move into the electric vehicle (EV) industry with its Xiaomi SU7 car series. The consumer tech company, diversifying from its traditional product range, has now applied for a sales license in China for this ambitious venture.

Toyota unveils all-electric Land Cruiser concept

Toyota has pulled back the curtain on its electrifying plans for this year's Japan Mobility Show, revealing an all-electric Land Cruiser concept that could be set to rival other three-row EV competitors, or simply hint at what's on the horizon.

Decoding the EV craze: Are they just a hype?

The increasing impact of climate change and the impending consequences are often disregarded by a significant portion of the world's population. Despite discussions on this topic for over a few decades, there seems to be little progress in conveying the urgency of the situation. In general we know that Bangladesh, along with other low-lying countries, will sink due to climate change. As sea levels rise, these countries, including Bangladesh, will be submerged. The higher the sea level, the larger the affected area will be submerged or sink. It is difficult to quantify the exact extent of this impact. Today, we will not delve into the measurements of this impact, but rather focus on our collective understanding and the actions we are taking in response.

Car modification 101: What to know before revamping your ride

The excitement of owning your first car often comes with an itch to personalise it. Whether your goal is to improve performance or simply to make a style statement, the world of car modifications offers endless possibilities. However, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming for beginners. In this article, we outline some of the most effective and beginner-friendly modifications that enhance both aesthetics and drivability.

Tesla faces trial over deaths caused by autopilot malfunction: reports

Tesla Inc., the multinational electric vehicle company, is set to appear in court to defend against claims that the malfunction of their autopilot driver feature resulted in accidents that led to death.

Avik Anwar triumphs in Malaysia Championship Series

Avik Anwar, the Bangladeshi racing sensation, clinched first place in Race-2 of Round-3 in the Malaysia Championship Series at the Sepang International Circuit on Sunday. This victory marks a significant milestone in Anwar's career, elevating him to third place overall in the championship standings.

Green Delta Capital secures sustainability bond for Runner Automobiles

Green Delta Capital Limited (GDCL) has successfully closed the subscription of a sustainability bond for Runner Automobiles PLC. According to a press release, this is the first-ever sustainability bond in Bangladesh certified by Moody’s Investors Service Singapore Pte.

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