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Brand Stories

Jahan initiatives paves the way for MBM Group's triumph at Women in Leadership Fest 2024

For the past four decades, MBM Group has been a pioneering force in Bangladesh's RMG industry, consistently delivering high-quality apparel for premium brands for global retailers and fashion houses.

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Team Group’s CSR commitment: Crafting a sustainable tomorrow

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, Team Group emerges as a beacon of change, intertwining business success with a profound commitment to social and environmental welfare.

Team Group: The preferred employer of choice

In the bustling realm of industries and corporations, where every company vies for the attention of potential employees, Team Group establishes itself as a conglomerate with diverse interests, standing tall not only for its business acumen but also for its unwavering commitment to being an employer of choice.

Where flexibility meets quality: Team Developers redefining luxury residence

In the vibrant landscape of Dhaka’s real estate, where aspirations reach for the sky, Team Developers, a proud subsidiary of the illustrious Team Group, stands out from the rest.

Twelve Clothing: Weaving fashion, philanthropy, and digital innovation

Committed to providing everyone with clothes of the highest calibre, Twelve Clothing, a prominent brand under the umbrella of Team Group, emerges as a beacon of style, commitment, and innovation at affordable prices.

Team Pharma: Pioneering excellence in pharmaceutical innovation

Nestled in the picturesque city of Rajshahi, Team Pharmaceuticals Limited stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Established in 2017, this dynamic company, a proud subsidiary of the esteemed Team Group, has swiftly become a key player in the highly competitive world market of pharmaceuticals.

Fashion, pharma, and beyond: Team Group’s strategic approach to business evolution

In the world of corporate evolution, Team Group’s journey commenced in 2009 as a modest venture, and today it stands tall as a diversified conglomerate, a testament to ambition, innovation, and resilience.

Unravelling the Journey of Abdullah Hil Rakib: Insights on Leadership, Sustainability, and the Future of Business

In a candid conversation with Abdullah Hil Rakib, the Managing Director of Team Group and Director of BGMEA, we delved deep into the intricacies of his journey, the ethos of the organisation, and his vision for the future.

Nidle by Intellier: Transforming Bangladesh’s RMG Industry

Intellier, the IT wing of Team Group, has emerged as a frontrunner in Bangladesh’s information technology landscape.

Team Group: Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future

In an era where environmental consciousness is a key driver of business decisions,

Exploring Team Group’s RMG Enterprises

Team Group, a name synonymous with innovation and sustainability, has made remarkable strides in the Ready-

In Pursuit of Excellence: The Inspiring Journey of Team Group

In the heart of Bangladesh, where the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers converge, a story of business prowess unfolds: not just of commercial success, but of a vision that transcends the ordinary.

Abdullah Hil Nakib on TEAM Group’s Secret to Success

In our organisation, we approach talent development and retention with great dedication. We understand that talent is a critical factor in our growth. We have a dedicated learning and development team that plays a pivotal role in honing the skills and nurturing the talents of our team members.

A Tale of Growth and Rejuvenation

From humble beginnings to a business behemoth

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