Monetary scams and romantic ones

The stressors regularly spewed out by the digital ecosystem can take a serious toll on one’s health and wellbeing.

19h ago

An empty Dhaka on Eid and the questions we should ask

Before we daydream of a Dhaka with Eid levels of population density across the year, let us stop to consider why so many people live in Dhaka.

1d ago

No barbarism without poetry

If our world is becoming full of poets and executioners, we need more judges and thinkers to counter the new tendency.

1d ago
In Focus

In Focus

A freedom fighter’s journey to Mujibnagar

The necessity that was felt a few days after the Declaration of Independence of Bangladesh was that of a Government which could take upon itself the burden of directing the liberation struggle.

'We must reject religious majoritarianism to ride the wave of Asian resurgence'

The Daily Star (TDS): Your family was closely involved with the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Could you please provide some insights into this historical involvement?

Vangiya Sahitya Parishat, the first Bengal Academy of Literature

‘Academy’, as many of us know, is a word that comes from the French word ‘academie’, evolving from Latin ‘academia’—the ultimate ancestor of both being Greek ‘akademeia’.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Trapped in a never-ending scroll?

Breaking free from the cycle of excessive consumption requires awareness.

When will the government learn from past dengue outbreaks?

We even have our own experts repeatedly giving warnings ahead of the dengue season, and every year, they fall on deaf ears.

Plug the brain drain

As a developing country, Bangladesh is a victim of brain drain.

Views Multimedia

Views Multimedia

Tackling the causes behind fire incidents

Dr Syeda Sultana Razia speaks to The Daily Star Opinion regarding the causes behind frequent fires and some possible solutions. 

Our reality versus government's narrative

Why is there so much difference between the reality of common people and that which the government wants to see or project?

Poor policy and market management have caused price hikes

Why is the government failing to manage the market as they should?

Sued under DSA, woman dies in Rab custody

According to family members, Rab said the 38-year-old Sultana Jasmine suffered a stroke in their custody, but her relatives insisted that she had no medical issues

Have we been able to establish a state different from Pakistan?

Through the Liberation War of 1971, the people of this region wanted to establish a state that would not be built in the model of Pakistan. Fifty-two years later, can we say we have achieved that goal?

The war tactic of starvation in Gaza

As Muslims around the world prepare for Eid, the world is witnessing horror unfold in the Gaza Strip.

3d ago

How the unjustifiable war in Gaza is justified

Propaganda in the media is a prevalent practice during war.

3d ago

Younus Ali’s dream of conquering the Californian waves

I could tell that his dream is not a dream per se, but an event that only requires time to come true.

5d ago

Six judges' defiant act in Pakistan

Six judges of the Islamabad High Court say they have been facing pressure for months from army intelligence agencies to give verdicts against PTI.

6d ago

Why do our surveys paint different pictures about our progress?

Since key findings of the Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics 2023 were revealed, there have been many discussions regarding the country's progress on various health and related indicators.

6d ago

For whom is student evaluation of teaching necessary?

What we euphemistically call student evaluation of teaching is, in fact, a “Customers Satisfaction Survey.”

6d ago

Tax on private universities: Must we make education more costly?

This move seems to be a punishment for non-profit educational ventures that aim to enhance our higher education landscape.

6d ago

Ensuring digital safety for the wellbeing of early learners

In this journey to ensure safe digital spaces for the well-being of our children, conversations between parents and children are critical.

6d ago

In the era of social media, legacy media is indispensable

However, this is not to say that social media does not have its merits.

1w ago

Navigating masculinities in Dhaka’s slums

Not all men are equal under the patriarchy.

1w ago
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