Eid holidays meant a break from school: Sohana Saba

The tradition of wearing new clothes was another highlight, and I would eagerly dress up in a new outfit each day for the entire Eid week.

Shah Rukh Khan makes customary Eid appearance for fans

Before the break of dawn, throngs of Shah Rukh Khan fans gathered in anticipation, akin to pilgrims awaiting a sacred moment. Once again, the Bollywood luminary lived up to expectations, appearing on the balcony of his home 'Mannat' on the auspicious occasion of Eid yesterday, to extend greetings to his fans, as he does unfailingly each year.

Mamunur Rashid’s play ‘Company’ to stage today

Mamunur Rashid himself is part of the cast of this theatrical play. The artiste stated that staging a play on Eid is a record-making event in the country.

Entertainment Multimedia

Entertainment Multimedia

Podcast / Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft. Mithila

Mithila drops by our studio to talk about her life, career and some burning issues that divide our nation.

Podcast / Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft. Safa Kabir

Safa Kabir brightens up our studio with a candid conversation in our podcast.

TV & Film

TV & Film

Netflix’s 'Crashing Eid' unfolds like a festive fireworks

As families across the globe prepare for Eid festivities, there's a new dish on the entertainment menu that's stirring up quite the comedic storm—"Crashing Eid" on Netflix. This Saudi original series is serving up laughter while challenging societal norms with a side of wit.

Bubly opens up about marriage with Shakib Khan

Actress Shobnom Bubly has been in the spotlight during the Eid season with her appearances on Nagorik TV. The first episode of the show “Bola Na Bola” was recently broadcast, where she openly shared insights into her personal experiences involving Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, and their children.

Experienced the most vibrant Eid during my childhood: Ferdous Ahmed

This Eid holds particular significance for Ferdous Ahmed as it marks his first celebration after assuming office as a member of parliament (MP).



Living Room Session: Imran and Pavel weave together ‘Gole Male Pirit Koro Na’

Instead of performing one of his songs, Imran surprised everyone by singing the beloved folk song “Gole Male Pirit Koro Na,” with lyrics and tunes by Satishchandra Gosai.

TM Records drops ‘Biri’ featuring Zayed Khan

In a recent release from TM Records, a new song titled "Biri" has hit the airwaves, featuring actor Zayed Khan and singer Parvez Sazzad. The song boasts lyrics, tune, and composition by Taposh, while the music video is produced and styled by Farzana Munny.

Partha Barua, Bappa Mazumdar, Kona and 17 more artistes to come together for an album

A spectacular line-up of the country’s most prominent vocalists that includes Partha Barua, Hamin Ahmed, Bappa Mazumdar, SI Tutul, Mizan Rahman, Kona, Salma, Mahtim Shakib, Abanti Sengupta, Tasnim Anika, Makhon Mia, Kishor, Shafiq Tuhin, Joy Shahriar, Neela Naz, Nasim Ali Khan, actors Imtiaz Barshan, and Zakia Bari Mamo.

‘Omimangshito’ won’t be screened this Eid

Raihan Rafi's highly anticipated web-film "Omimangshito" will not be available on iScreen this Eid-ul-Fitr, due to complications with censorship.

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Anupam Roy lends voice for Bangladeshi Eid special tele-fiction

Director Mohon Ahmed has a delightful surprise in store for his fans. Renowned singer Anupam Roy will lend his voice for the first time for a Bangladeshi Eid special tele-fiction titled “Adore Theko”.

3d ago

Idhika Paul promotes Shakib’s “Rajkumar”

In an effort to promote the movie, Idhika Paul posted a status urging her fans to have faith in “Rajkumar” and to watch the film this Eid.

3d ago

Shafiq Tuhin to bring musical icons together for originals

On this very rare occasion, Rabindra and Nazrul Sangeet legends Rezwana Choudhury Bannya, Fatema Tuz Zohra, Khairul Anam Shakil, Adity Mohsin, Fahim Hossain Chowdhury, and Sheikh Jasim will sing six original songs penned and composed by Shafiq Tuhin.

3d ago

‘Pushpa 2’ drops teaser on Allu Arjun’s birthday

The teaser for “Pushpa 2: The Rule” is now out, with the makers choosing to reveal the first look on Allu Arjun's 42nd birthday.

4d ago

‘Munna bhaiya’ won't be part of Mirzapur 3

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Divyenndu revealed that the character had begun to impact his own personality.

4d ago

We haven't been divorced yet: Bubly on her relationship with Shakib Khan

As these stars are busy promoting their respective films, adding to the hype, Shakib Khan’s former partner in life, Shobnom Yesmin Bubly, has recently talked about her relationship with the superstar in a telltale interview with renowned journalist Kamruzzaman Babu.

4d ago

‘Scoop’: Tedious film about tenacious journalists and a tactless royal

“Scoop” dramatises the events surrounding the BBC’s “Newsnight” team securing a highly anticipated interview with Prince Andrew in 2019. During this time, Andrew faced mounting pressure to address his controversial association with notorious sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. In an effort to address the situation, he agreed to an exclusive interview with seasoned broadcaster Emily Maitlis.

4d ago

Cody Rhodes finishes the story, wins WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania

WWE’s Wrestlemania 40 has finished on a high note, as Cody Rhodes has beaten Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship, after failing at last year’s event to do so.

4d ago

Eid streaming checklist: The best of OTT on your festivities

Let’s take a look at the exciting lineup of Eid offerings, exploring the myriad hues of Bengali web entertainment set to grace our screens this festive season.

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