How the Islamic calendar works

Why is Ramadan sometimes 29 days long and sometimes 30 days long?

Starting your journey at a public university: What you should know

There are certain things you can prepare for, in order to make your transition into university life a little easier.

Nine-hour workdays and an overworked youth

Unfavourable policies often include nine-hour workdays, putting a strain on workers’ productivity, social life, and health.

A To-do list for when you get to America as a student

There are things that need to be done. And this time, you’re all on your own.

Eternal Sunshine is the definitive Ariana Grande Album

Every story has a redemption arc, and Eternal Sunshine is Ariana’s.

In conversation with Prof. Dr M Azizur Rahman, founder VC, Uttara University

Campus sat down for a one-on-one interview with Dr Azizur to talk about Uttara University’s journey so far and the institution’s vision going forward.

Team IUB BongoMarine finishes in the top 15 at SAUVC 24

Team IUB BongoMarine from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) has finished in the top 15 of the prestigious Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition (SAUVC 24)

Bangladesh’s Bored Tunnelers ranks in the top three in Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring Competition

Team Bored Tunnelers from Bangladesh became the first ever Asian team to rank in the top three.

The need for cybersecurity education in Bangladeshi universities

Institutions must equip students with skills to steer through the cyber world's complexities.



In conversation with Jo Mithen, CEO, Monash College

Jo Mithen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Monash College. Monash College is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

ICDRET 2024 / In conversation with UIU’s Prof. Dr M. Rezwan Khan

Campus engaged in a one-on-one interview with Prof. Dr M. Rezwan, delving into discussions encompassing the conference and the renewable energy sector in general.

Interview with Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia

Arun Rajamani is the Managing Director at Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia. He has been responsible for building the Cambridge University Press and Assessment the brand from the over a year in its journey to becoming a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-leading academic research, learning and assessment globally.

Exploring the world of literary theory

"Get to know your people, and this way you will know yourself."

Making our city beautiful

The artists behind the Moghbazar flyover artwork.


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Uttara University VC awarded Postdoctoral by Ranchi University

Uttara University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Eaysmin Ara Lekha has been awarded a Postdoctoral by Ranchi University. The “Dr. Of Literature” was conferred upon Dr Lekha  on April 4, 2024, recognising her outstanding academic contributions.

Chittagong University wins the “Best Memorial Award” in international moot court competition

The three members of them – Itminan Monir Basilis, Md Monirul Islam Hridoy, and Ismita Azim – are all students of the university’s Law department.

UCB’s “Monash Progression Day” outlines the groundworks for global education

On March 9, Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) organised “Monash Progression Day”, in an effort to extend international opportunities for Bangladeshi students. Numerous students, parents, academicians, and media personnel joined the event to learn more about how to succeed as an international student and build a global career.

NSU hosts seminar on “Bangladesh Liberation War 1971: Key Military Determinants of Our Success”

On March 28, North South University’s (NSU) Department of History and Philosophy organised a seminar on “Bangladesh Liberation War 1971: Key Military Determinants of Our Success’" at the NSU Syndicate Hall.

IUB awarded “Best International Team” at international moot court competition in India

A moot court team from the Department of Law at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) secured the "Best International Team Award" at the 12th Justice P N Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights, 2024. 50 teams from various South Asian countries participated in the competition held at the Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College in Pune, India, from March 21 to 23.

Uttara University hosts seminar on “Exploring Careers in Accounting”

The seminar served as a platform to facilitate a deeper understanding of accounting careers.

BTEC Award Ceremony 2024 held at Shanto-Mariam Institute of Creative Technology

Shanto-Mariam Institute offers Pearson's Diploma qualification courses in art and design such as Fashion Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design, and Interior Design.

Campus Life

Campus Life

The Joy of Finding Supportive Teachers

The pivotal role that teachers play in shaping our lives often goes underappreciated

Making our campuses safe

Universities bear a significant duty to ensure campus safety, with a particular focus on the well-being of women and gender minorities.

Organising an event at your institution

When starting out, the first thing that student organisers must keep in mind is that they simply cannot do without the trust and approval of their institution’s administration.

In pictures: International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

The location of the International Islamic University Chittagong is at the shores of Guliakhali Sea Beach, Sitakunda; not too close to the shores yet not so far as the blue sea line is visible from the campus buildings.

Haileybury Bhaluka on a mission to shape future leaders

Haileybury Bhaluka is an upcoming boarding school located in Bhaluka, Mymensingh, dedicated to providing quality English education for students from the ages of 11 to 18. It is affiliated with the Haileybury UK School.

Falgun celebrations at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Falgun was warmly welcomed and celebrated at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) as it hosted a three-day long fair filled with spirits of festivity and joy.



Sexual harassment in universities and the struggle for justice

The recent case of Fairuz Abontika is a painful reminder of how incompetent universities are in dealing with sexual harassment complaints

With Ramadan returning, should classes be online?

When we speak of learning being efficient, it is important to remember that the traffic in Dhaka city really works against everyone.

Opinion / The drawbacks of open credit systems

Despite the pros that open credit systems come with, a few fundamental pitfalls can threaten to make your academic life even more of a struggle.

The need for diverse scholarships beyond sports

Why limit scholarships and quotas to sports?

How political instability affects students

While online classes are necessary given the situation, they are not a cure.

Why must there be a mandatory minimum university attendance?

Whilst it is not an easy task to do well in tests without attending classes, if a student somehow manages to make up for it by working hard they shouldn’t suffer for it.

Was the six-month semester a good idea for private universities?

The new system has created a looming threat of session jams, something previously unheard of in private institutes.

Off Campus

Off Campus

BRAC University community raises BDT 2 lakh for orphanages, underprivileged, and university staff

A group of students from BRAC University, with support from faculty members and alumni, took the initiative of creating a positive impact on society through multiple campaigns aimed towards orphanages, underprivileged people near campus, and the BRAC University staff.

BRACU, MIST, and UIU qualify for University Rover Challenge finals

These three teams are among the top 38 competition finalists.

All Out! brings the thrill of cricket to the world of manga

All Out!, an action-packed cricket manga by Source? hit the shelves last month.

US library excusing overdue book fees in exchange for cat photos

This initiative, named “Felines for Fee Forgiveness!” is part of the library’s cat-themed month of March “Meawness” celebrations.

Guy sells ancestral property to afford restaurant’s iftar platter

Man sells ancestral property to afford an iftar platter at a high-end restaurant.

Technology for when writing feels tough

A bunch of free places on the internet that allow me to complete assignments or personal projects when the going gets rough.

Two Bangladeshis honoured at The Diana Award

Bangladesh's Nafira Nayeem Ahmad and Shamim Ahmed Mridha were honoured with the Legacy Award.

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