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Catching a break shouldn’t be this hard

There are times in life when you just need to sit down, take a break, and have a KitKat.

1w ago

Experiencing spiritual guilt in Ramadan

It is as if my spirituality is on a deadline every Ramadan.

1w ago

Eid shopping remorse over consumerism

In this economy, consumer guilt tends to sour the happy experience that Eid shopping should be.

1w ago

Why on earth would someone drink black coffee?

A personal hypothesis of mine is that black coffee drinkers possess, to an extent, a latent self-loathing that manifests in the form of gustatory masochism.

3w ago

Why we want to stay sad and how to move past it

The memes are great, and they help us cope. But we need to move forward.

3w ago

Two Bangladeshis honoured at The Diana Award

Bangladesh's Nafira Nayeem Ahmad and Shamim Ahmed Mridha were honoured with the Legacy Award.

3w ago

Proper nutrition and exercise: The uncanny super-weapons for academic excellence

Allow me to tell you who the villains in your life are.

Is Gen-Z really ageing faster than earlier generations?

Companies quickly multiplied this awareness and fear, packaged it, and sold it back to us.

Footsteps Co-Founder and President receives Youth Leaders Award

Footsteps Co-Founder and President Shah Rafayat Chowdhury has received the Global Citizen Youth Leaders Award.

Celebrating Galentine’s Day on a budget

The spirit of Valentine's Day isn't just reserved for romantic partners – it's also about cherishing all forms of love, including platonic love.

Understanding and coping with burnout in high-achievers

Parents, educators, and even the media have an unhealthy preoccupation with prodigies. This encourages students to do more than they should at a young age, which can develop into a complex about maintaining their competitive nature by pushing themselves past their limits. 

Superhero content that is actually cinema

While it is mostly always the formulaic films which get the attention, there are actually many superhero adaptations which are very profound in their own right and wholeheartedly deserve to be in the discussions of what is considered cinema.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking

While public speaking is important, it’s not the end of the world to not be the best at it.

How social media validation throttles an artist’s growth

Receiving a constant stream of praise can be quite validating, but it can be harmful for an individual looking to improve at their craft.

Put a Period: How the youth is addressing menstrual equity

Founded by four high schoolers from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNSC), Put a Period is a non-profit organisation working to eliminate taboos surrounding menstruation.

The need for teachers to maintain a positive outlook during classes

Students like to be noticed by their teacher in a positive light. By appreciating them, teachers build a healthy, competitive environment which helps coax out students’ creativity. 

Are your 20s for the panic or the glory?

While there are certainly exhilarating and growing moments, they are frequently intermingled with hurdles and panic.

The unhealthy side of academic competition

While competitiveness amongst students can encourage more academic diligence, its darker side warrants more discussion.

Why we find it difficult to accept love at times

Some of us are afraid of becoming stuck because we owe too much to our relationships. We make an effort to give more than we receive to avoid feeling compelled or indebted.

The curious case of study-with-me videos

Study-with-me videos are an interesting substitute that provide all the benefits of group study and none of the harm.

Coming to terms with the fact that nothing lasts forever

The transience of things might be disturbing and extremely overwhelming.

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