Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

Freedom of association and ban on student politics in educational institutions

The death of Abrar Fahad, a second year BUET student of EEE, on 7 October 2019, gave rise to public outrage all over the nation, especially among the students of BUET who demanded immediate ban on student politics in the campus.

LAW AND POLITICS / The politics of recognition and Bangladesh’s statehood

Following the surrender of Pakistani army to Bangladesh on 16 December 1971, after the bloody war of nine months, the ultimate victory was attained.

IUCN-WCEL organises virtual seminar on the future of environmental law and sustainability

An online seminar on “The Future of Environmental Law and Sustainability” has been organised jointly by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) on 23 March 2024. Professor Dr. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, University of Cambridge and Dr. Lovleen Bhullar, University of Birmingham, participated in meaningful discussions, exchanging crucial perspectives and insights on this topic.

Negligence in medical sector and the legal remedies

In Bangladesh, medical negligence is a day-to-day instance now from wrong diagnoses to surgical failures frequently harming or even killing patients.

3w ago

The evolving role of corporate legal teams in business success

In the realm of day-to-day legal matters within private organisations, the traditional practice of appointing in-house legal counsel has been the norm, and a vast number of lawyers and advocates are actively engaged in this domain.

3w ago

Navigating the petition on cruelty against elephants

A petition to ban elephant cruelty in Bangladesh has sparked much legal and ethical debates. In this write-up, the writer addresses and maps the relevant legal discussions relating to cruelty to elephants, and other animals in general.

3w ago

3rd TIB-DUMCS Anti-Corruption Moot Court Competition 2023

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), in collaboration with Dhaka University Moot Court Society (DUMCS), organised the 3rd TIB- DUMCS Anti-Corruption Moot Court

3w ago

Getting Noor Chowdhury deported from Canada

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, was assassinated on the 15th of August 1975 along with his family members.

3w ago

Who will be defendants in an Artha Rin Suit?

Non-performing loans (NPL) have become an issue of grave concern for Bangladesh. The rising trend of the NPL is bound to have a long-lasting negative impact on the country’s financial sector.

4w ago

Ukraine’s present case in the International Court of Justice

On 2 February 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered its judgment on the preliminary objections brought by the Russian Federation regarding jurisdiction and admissibility in the case filed by Ukraine concerning Russia’s invasion in 2022.

4w ago

Foreign investment and property law: Bangladesh perspective

Foreign investment is essential for the economic progress of a country since it brings not just financial resources, but also facilitates the transfer of technology, expertise in management, and the generation of employment opportunities.

4w ago

Women employees’ quest for fair treatment

Women employees working in various international organisations worldwide often encounter unfair treatment, discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Constitutions as gendered documents

Constitutions are often presumed to be concerned with the public power and public life of a nation.

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