Unlocking economic potential with digital financial inclusion

The initiation of digital financial services (DFS) in Bangladesh has been quite satisfactory, yet its untapped potential remains substantial, presenting significant opportunities for further development. Bangladesh’s prospects are immense, as we have yet to surpass the midpoint in realizing the potential gains achievable through financial inclusion.

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Land Crime Prevention and Remedy Act, 2023: Citizen Views

The title, Land Crime Prevention and Remedy Act, 2023, distinctly reveals its character as a criminal law aimed at delineating a range of land-related offenses and prescribing corresponding penalties for such transgressions.

Nothing about us without us

Save the Children in collaboration with The Daily Star organized a roundtable titled ‘Bangladesh in COP28 and Generation Hope Campaign: Youth and Children Voices Shaping Climate Discussion’ on November 26, 2023. Here we publish a summary of the discussion.

Women’s Participation in Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities

Ensuring a successful shift toward renewable energy necessitates the active involvement and empowerment of women in the sector.

Consent to marriage and best interest of girls

The dominance of politics in our national spheres has, unfortunately, diverted attention away from critical issues like child marriage.

Opportunities and Challenges to Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh

We find ourselves easily discussing inclusive education now, but just two decades ago, the idea of children with disabilities pursuing studies seemed unimaginable.

Thinking beyond sanitation: Transitioning to a sustainable urban water cycle

Ismène R.A.C. Stalpers, Country Director, SNV Bangladesh

Bangladesh Family Planning Programme: What women and girls want matters

Ipas, in association with The Daily Star, organised a roundtable titled “Bangladesh Family Planning Programme: What women and girls want matters” on July 10, 2023. Here we publish a summary of the discussion.

Breathing clean: Protecting lives from air pollution

Manas Biswas, Technical Coordinator - Integrated WASH & CESP, Tongi Urban Programme, World Vision Bangladesh.

Progressive Taxation in Bangladesh Why and How?

The income tax system in Bangladesh is regressive. It follows a pattern where the tax burden increases proportionally with income until it reaches a stagnant rate of 30%. Ideally, a more progressive structure would have involved a higher tax rate.

Skilling Bangladesh: challenges and possibilities

Swisscontact Bangladesh in collaboration with The Daily Star organized a roundtable titled ‘The current trends in skills development sector of Bangladesh: challenges and possibilities’ on February 15, 2023. Here we publish a summary of the discussion.

How girls are realizing their potentials: Opportunities and challenges

The saying goes, “if creating opportunities isn’t possible, remove the roadblocks so they can create their own.” Unfortunately, there is a prevalent mindset to restrict, particularly girls, from exploring their potential.

Disability-inclusive National Budget 2023-24

Access Bangladesh Foundation in association with The Daily Star, DCF, NCDW, Sitakund Federation,

Holistic approach imperative to end malnutrition and gender inequality among adolescents

Joint Action for Nutrition Outcome (JANO), in association with The Daily Star, organized a roundtable titled "Adolescent Nutrition,

Dissemination Workshop on Strengthening Family Planning through Advocacy: Learnings and Opportunities

Marie Stopes Bangladesh has been working in Bangladesh since 1988 with a mission that translates Children by Choice, not Chance.

Saving mother nature, saving us

USAID in association with The Daily Star organised a roundtable titled ‘Saving mother nature, saving us – The role of youth in leading conservation and climate resilience’ on December 18, 2022. Here we publish a summary of the discussion.

Ensuring the rights of small-scale fishers for the sustainable fisheries sector in Bangladesh

In our country, the ratio of the formal to informal sector is around 15% to 85%.

Biofortified crops: Connecting value chain actors and policymakers in Bangladesh

HarvestPlus - Bangladesh Initiative to Enhance Nutrition Security and Governance (BIeNGS) Project organized a roundtable titled “Biofortified crops:

Understanding adolescent pregnancy in Bangladesh

During the liberation war, people living in refugee camps didn’t receive any sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services.

Effectiveness of Flood Early Warning System in Building Climate Resilience

The Flood Resilience project, funded by Z Zurich Foundation has three objectives: increasing investment in climate-smart, risk-

Financing Loss and Damage and Displacement - A Global Call for Climate Justice

Although Bangladesh accounts for a very small portion of global emissions, it is one of the countries most affected by climate change. Hence, Bangladesh must raise her voice seeking compensation for the loss and damage the country suffers from.

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