A puppet is a 2D character graphic, which is prepared for Adobe Character Animator.

The puppet is "actionable" 2D graphic, which allows you to record your own animations.

A puppet can:
Basic puppet offer (comes with basic options (actions, triggers)
-hands: point, thumbs up, wave hand
-face is only in frontal view
-all sounds for LipSync (different mouth shapes)
-eyebrows variations ( angry, sad, happy )
-mouth shapes ( smile, open “O”, angry )

Other triggers and options can be created upon request.

  • ¾ view of the character (left and right)
  • profile view of the character (left and right)
  • walking (*if the character would be walking left(right), ¾ view or profile view has to be created first)
  • if you need some special actions for your puppet, just ask our team
  • dangle effects of: hair, tie, jacket, tail

A puppet can't:

  • rotate in space (turn around) - it is not a 3D model
  • it does not track body gestures, only face; body gestures are "called" with keyboard combination

Please note, there is difference between our Vector Cartoon Characters and Character Animator Puppets
Please note, if you need unique puppet (not one of our characters), we have to make the custom character for you first